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Stop stretching to clean, stand on the ground, then spray up to12 feet with BullSnot to easily clean your windshield!

Discover the ultimate cleaning innovation with BullSnot VizABull Rocket Spray Glass Cleaner!

Boasting an unparalleled ability to "SHOOTS UP TO 12 FEET," this high pressure window cleaner ensures that no corner of your glass surfaces remains untouched. Its potent, long distance glass cleaner formula powers through grime and streaks with ease, while the dynamic BullSnoT branding signifies a product that charges through dirt like a bull in a china shop.

Buy long reach glass cleaner now and witness the sparkling transformation of your windows. Order your VizABull Rocket Glass Cleaning solution today and elevate your cleaning game to new, powerful heights!

  • Reach distant windows with 12-feet powerful spray.
  • Clean without ladders, saving time and enhancing safety.
  • Empower your clean with BullSnoT's strength and efficiency.
  • Spray safely from a distance, avoiding slippery spots.


Q: Is the 12-foot spray distance exaggerated?
A: Absolutely not! Tested and proven, BullSnoT's reach is truly groundbreaking.

Q: Will the strength harm my delicate surfaces?
A: Powerful yet safe, it's formulated to protect while it cleans.

Q: Isn't it risky to spray chemicals from afar?
A: Sprayed responsibly, VizABull ensures a safe distance with precise application.

Q: Are such specialized cleaners worth the cost?
A: VizABull offers unparalleled convenience and safety, a worthwhile investment.

Q: Can VisABull Rocket Spray be used on Commercial and Home Windows?
A: Absolutely, VizABull Rocket Spray is ideal for all windows. The long spray distance and superb cleaning capabilities mean less climbing.
Spray it on, wait about a minute and then hose or squeegee it off”.

If using on aftermarket tinted windows, test in an inconspicuous spot before use.

Spray on and squeegee off to remove bugs, road grime, and other common soils from: windows, mirrors, windshields, glass, and chrome surfaces.

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