We Use it for all our cleaning

Hi Don, thanks so much for introducing Peter and I to BullSnot VizABull and CureABull products. We use the VizABull on almost everything in our house and it cleans and shines everything beautifully, we really don’t use any other product on any of our surfaces anymore. I must admit I am not sure why it islabelled as a glass cleaner as it cleans and shines everything.

The CureABull is a wonderful product for any dry skin condition, it is not greasy at all and has a lasting effect. We have given some to our friends and they all think it is a fabulous product. Best Regards 

Eva Pocklington, July 2023

W O'Rourke- June 2023

I have used multiple Bullsnot products.

I will no longer waste my money on cleaning products I had been using for years.

Bullsnot products clean significantly better than anything currently on the market. Most recently I used the balm product for my sun damaged skin. The results were superior to OTC products I have been buying at Shoppers Drug Mart for years and at half the price.


Old Rocky

Got it Looking Really Good

My friend Trucker Josh has “Old Blue” I have “Old Rocky”.

And Rocky was looking pretty dull after being parked in a garage for a number of months.

I got out the Bullsnot products and this was the result after about 20 minutes of work. 

Highly recommend Bullsnot products.


VIzABull Miracle in a Can?


VIzABull and ShineABull

A long term friend of mine, Paul Flear had a pretty messy bike after a trip to Bancroft Ont… there are some really big bugs up there and lots of them.

“VisABull did a great job on the shield and body. I am going to carry it with me and show everyone I can what great products these are. Many thanks.”


ShineABull - Tire and Trim Restorer

Larry Nichol

I would rate the bullsnot tire butter with 5 stars.

I was surprised how easy the spray was to use. I waited 15 seconds and wiped off with a microfiber towel. I did 3 coats and sprayed with water between coats, as per instructions.

The result was a nice black finish and not too artificially shiny. After being in the rain and 3 washes the tires are still nice and black.  I will continue to use the tire butter on my cars. 

On the next cars I sprayed on, waited 15 seconds, wiped off and applied a second coat without water and simply wiped it off.  It seems to work just as well. I have used the 1 can, at least 2 coats, on 4 sets of tires and there is still some left so I think it is good value. Attached are photos of the tires and cars. 

I hope my experience helps others with there decision to use Bullsnot tire butter and conditioner.


VizABull - Glass Cleaner

Larry Nichol

I would rate the glass cleaner with 5 stars out of 5.

The product is as advertised. My truck cap windows and 68 Baracuda windows were covered in a Smokey film. With 1 application they were clean and streak free.

It also did a great job on the mirrors.

The aerosol is easier to use than windex spray. I will continue to use this as my go to glass cleaner.

I would recommend this product for anyone looking for a premium glass cleaner.


VisABull Before & After

Used VisABull on my fender.. amazing

On my BBQ .. amazing

ShineABull Before & After

What a transformation ... amazing

GreaseABull - Waterproof Lubricant

Larry Nichol

I decided to try the Bullsnot heavy duty metal lubricant because I was happy with their tire butter and glass cleaning products.=

I found the pressure and amount of grease was very good. I used it on the garage door and it seemed to make door opening and closing quieter.

I also used it on my motorcycle shifter and linkage. It stopped any squeaking.

The pressure and volume of grease made getting to these hard to get at places easy without getting it all over the chrome and motor.

I recommend this product because of the volume of white grease and easy to apply.

I rate it at 5 stars out of 5.

Hope people find this review useful.

Used ALL Bullsnot Products

Joe Nemeth, former CEO of Canfor

I have used all of the Bullsnot products and found the glass cleaner and tire shine as exceptional. 

They are so easy to use,  no strong bad smell like competitive products and they work really well. 

I would not hesitate recommending these products to anyone who takes pride in keeping things clean and shiny!

BlastABull - Odor Eliminator

Joe & Carole Lupica Indio, CA

I have two large dogs that travel companions of my wife and I when we take road trips. 

I have tried many different products to try and eliminate their odors from the interior of my car.  None of them worked well.  Many had a very obnoxious smell for a short period of time and then quickly disappeared.  One of my neighbors recommended Bullsnot so I tried it. 

I have to tell you it’s the best odor eliminator I have ever purchased!  It has a fresh smell not a strong perfume type of smell and the best part is it lasts for a long period of time.

I will be a Bullsnot customer for as long as I have dogs!  Thanks for offering such a fantastic product.


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