3-Pack DashABull - Interior Detail Cleaner

Money Back Guarantee

Don't tolerate smudges, DashABull shines with just a swipe!

- Ensure your dashboard always looks showroom fresh with DashABull.
- Protect your car's surfaces from wear, enhancing longevity and value.
- Achieve a high gloss finish that leaves peers envying your ride.
- Free from harmful chemicals, DashABull safeguards your vehicle's health.


Q: Is DashABull safe for all vehicle interiors?
A: Absolutely, it's formulated for all paints and plastics while providing protection.

Q: Will DashABull leave a residue on my dashboard?
A: No residue, just a streak-free, fast-drying gloss for an enviable finish.

Q: Does DashABull work as advertised without streaking?
A: Guaranteed streak-free elegance, with anti-fog benefits for a peerless interior.

Q: Is DashABull too costly for regular use?
A: DashABull is an investment in your car’s longevity and appearance.


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