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Bullsnot Canada has secured rights to sell the CureABull, VizABull, BlastABull, GreaseABull ShineABull DashABull, RidABull and VizaBull Rocket Spray products  of USA based company, Brown Ox Ventures..

Brown Ox Ventures is a chemical company that manufactures a complete line of aerosol products under the brand BullSnot! for the trucking industry. All BullSnot! products were created with the intent of solving issues for the 3.5 million truck drivers across America and Canada. Even though our products were engineered with professional truck drivers in mind, their quality can be enjoyed by everyone. Our product performance benefits have been recognized and valued by boaters, farmers, car enthusiasts, motorcyclists, and even restaurant owners.

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All our products are proudly made in the USA! 
Bullsnot Canada. An Offical Reseller of CureABull, VizABullBlastABullGreaseABullShineABull DashABull, RidABull and VIzaBull Rocket Spray products.

Cleaning My Yard and Everything on it

This photo doesn’t show BullSnot products in action but it does show I am a bit of a fanatic when it comes to my yards and everything in them. I used to use a hose and a myriad of cleaners… now use 2 products and no hose.

BullSnot VisABull:

  • Patio furniture
  • Barbecue
  • Smoker
  • Metal shelving
  • Wood shelving
  • Gazebo
  • Garden equipment
  • …. and of course any type of glass.

BullSnot ShineABull:

  • Vinyl and plastic planters
  • Covers - furniture and barbecue
  • Rubber - except mats .. it repels dust so it can be slippery.
  • … and of course wheels and tires.

Inside your home you can use VisABull on almost everything. We are down to 3 cleaning products in our house… laundry detergent, dish soap and VisABull.

Happy cleaning from a Happy Customer

WOW! Look how VizABull cleaned our stove top? We are finding new ways VizABull can be used.


VizABull is for cleaning and polishing glass, mirrors, windshields, windows, computer screens and chrome. Easy to use, fast acting product with a clinging foam to break up soils and hold them, even on vertical surfaces. There is no dripping, running or streaking. With an exclusive formulation using denatured alcohol and no ammonia, this product cleans thoroughly, dries quickly, requires no rinsing and leaves a pleasant, fresh aroma.


VisABull will clean almost anything, it’s dog gone good.

VizaBull - Best Thing to Remove Dog Snot!

NEW to Canada

VizABull Rocket Spray

This is Trucker Josh from Wpg.

Canada’s most famous trucker loves Bullsnot Canada products.

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