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Bullsnot Canada has secured rights to sell the VizABull, BlastABull, GreaseABull and ShineABull products  of USA based company, Brown Ox Ventures..

Brown Ox Vewntures is a chemical company that manufactures a complete line of aerosol products under the brand BullSnot! for the trucking industry. All BullSnot! products were created with the intent of solving issues for the 3.5 million truck drivers across America and Canada. Even though our products were engineered with professional truck drivers in mind, their quality can be enjoyed by everyone. Our product performance benefits have been recognized and valued by boaters, farmers, car enthusiasts, motorcyclists, and even restaurant owners.

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All our products are proudly made in the USA! 
Bullsnot Canada. An Offical Reseller of VizABullBlastABullGreaseABull  and ShineABull products.

Customer Testimonials

I would rate the bullsnot tire butter with 5 stars.

I was surprised how easy the spray was to use. I waited 15 seconds and wiped off with a microfiber towel. I did 3 coats and sprayed with water between coats, as per instructions.

The result was a nice black finish and not too artificially shiny. After being in the rain and 3 washes the tires are still nice and black.  I will continue to use the tire butter on my cars. 

On the next cars I sprayed on, waited 15 seconds, wiped off and applied a second coat without water and simply wiped it off.  It seems to work just as well. I have used the 1 can, at least 2 coats, on 4 sets of tires and there is still some left so I think it is good value. Attached are photos of the tires and cars. 

I hope my experience helps others with there decision to use Bullsnot tire butter and conditioner.

Thanks Larry Nichol 


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